Tree stumps could pose more problems than just being an eyesore in your landscape. They are capable of posing a wide range of problems, both minor and major. Hence, you should not leave tree stumps in your garden. Hire a tree surgeon in Telford and get them removed as soon as possible. There are some clear signs that indicate it is time for stump removal. A better grasp of all these signs can help you manage your landscape and outdoor space. 

Five signs that you need stump grinding

Let’s look at five prominent indications that you need stump grinding. 

  • Hazardous Obstacles

Tree stumps, when concealed by grass, can present a tripping hazard. It could be excruciatingly difficult for old people or children to always notice a stump while walking around in the garden. Unseen tree stumps can also cause potential damage to lawnmower blades and gardening tools. If accidentally hit, they can harm vehicles.

  • Pest Infestation

Abandoned tree stumps on the ground can attract termites and ants, which can potentially lead to infestations. These infestations can also spread to nearby trees. 

Stumps also provide the ideal breeding ground for wood-decaying fungi to grow, breed and thrive. This can spread diseases and decay to other plants in the garden. 

  • Re-growth

Some tree species can grow out from the stumps. They can result in new shoots sprouting from the base. These shoots, on the other hand, can become new trees. They can lead to overcrowding or unwanted growth. Stumps are also known to provide a breeding ground for suckers. Suckers are shoots that emerge from the base or roots of the stump. They can absorb nutrients and deprive the other plants in your landscape. 

  • Landscape Design and Aesthetics

Tree stumps can reduce the overall aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space. This becomes more of an issue in well-designed gardens or landscapes. Removing the tree stumps allows for more flexibility in terms of design. This way, you can install more trees, and hardscapes, or even create additional seating areas.

  • Diseases and Infections

Tree stumps are known to harbor myriad diseases or infections that can spread to healthy trees or other plants in close proximity. These infections and fungal growths can contribute to the overall decline of the landscape. 

Hence, if you feel any of the above-mentioned issues arise in your garden or landscape, it is time for a thorough stump removal. As a leading tree surgeon in Telford, Timber Dans can help you out with thorough and effective stump removal. This way, you can regain the beauty of your landscapes and eliminate any cause of infection or other hazards.